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786 HALAL RESTAURANT is a family run restaurant which has been perfecting the art of fine Pakistani cuisine for customers from all walks of life for over fifteen years. Our menu includes but not limited to some of the finest traditional recipes of Pakistan from Tandoori specials to Tikkas of fish, chicken, lamb and beef, curried dishes, to our vegetarian delights; we offer a variety of dishes please any pallet. The first 786 HALAL RESTAURANT was established in Montréal in late 90’s and soon became the first choice for subcontinent touch HALAL food lovers.

Malik Waheed


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We Create Flavour

Our enthusiasm drives us to accommodate your needs and serve delicious traditional Pakistani cuisine day in and out. 786 HALAL RESTAURANT serves customers with quality fresh food and maintains highest standards of customer service at affordable prices for masses. For all sorts of gatherings, lunches, parties corporate or family events we are committed to provide ultimate customer satisfaction. 786 HALAL RESTAURANT’s relaxed ambiance and rich Pakistani décor attracts customers from different communities, most of time it is completely booked and hard to find table.  786 HALAL RESTAURANT management extremely value customer feedback and consistently improve all aspects of operations and serviceability e.g. offering high quality food, environment and service to our valuable customers.

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